About Ruckus Learning

Ruckus is a learning platform that harnesses the brands kids love
and motivates students to become better, more active learners!
"This really is the future of education..."
- The TODAY Show

Today’s kids spend countless hours glued to their many devices and unfortunately along the way many are becoming increasingly "reluctant" readers.

Ruckus is a mobile learning platform that helps families solve this problem by transforming some of the biggest kid entertainment brands (e.g. My Little Pony, Transformers, Kung Fu Panda, Scooby-Doo, Care Bears, Dino Dan, Batman, SeaWorld, etc.) into personalized educational interactive content that engages kids, but more importantly ignites their interest in reading and learning!


The team behind Ruckus Learning
Jason has 20+ years of digital media and management experience ranging from start-ups (Rabbit Ears) to big media companies (Disney Education, Nickelodeon Kids & Family Digital).
Ellen Coomaraswamy
Operations Manager
Ellen has expertise overseeing financial forecasting, budgeting, and accounts payable. Her additional production role involves video editing, content management maintenance and on-boarding new content.
Carolyn Krinsley
Senior Producer
Carolyn manages overall production flow between graphic designers, writers, curriculum designers, developers and brand managers to help successfully create Ruckus Learning product.


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